BLU (Beyond Limits Ultra)

There are no boundaries at Pathfinder Ranch! Push beyond your perceived limits on 70 acres of Wildlife Preserve and surrounding forest meadows situated south of Palm Springs in the San Jacinto Mountains on this two day; marathon, 50k, 50m and 100m ultra-marathon on the original BLU course. All runners will run a 2 mile loop course on flat, groomed trails; meandering through one of Southern California's premier educational camps, complete with a canoe lake, sprawling horse pastures, private meadows and at night you'll even pass a traditional bonfire (think S'Mores).  While the entire course consists of packed trails, there is a 0.10 mile section of the course where you have the option of stepping two feet to the right and running on a smooth, private road.  If you show-up healthy and fit, there's a very strong chance you will PR on this course.   

31 Hour Time Limit on Both Courses

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