All races will have nature inspired awards for the top 3 male and female finishers, and the top male and female finishers in age specific categories for the 100 mile and 24 hour races.  While we love drinking out of glass mugs, which are sometimes awarded to podium finishers, we're not a huge fan of storing such an earned award in a kitchen cabinet. As such, the awards will be something you will want to proudly display for your friends and family to see.

Now for the coolest of all awards.  In addition to the regular awards that include medals and belt buckles for 100 mile finishers, the overall male and female 100 mile winners will receive a Ponderosa Pine tree.  Here's the deal.  We are going to start the Beyond Limits Winners' Meadow at Pathfinder Ranch.  Every year we will plant a 10 gallon Ponderosa Pine Tree in honor of the top male and female 100 mile finisher.  This planting will occur immediately following the race and be commemorated with a very small staked sign.  Might not seem very cool now, but image how awesome this meadow will look 15 years from now.  Heck, we're hoping winners will be able to come back 30 years later and show their grand kids the tree they won.  Helping the environment is just another way we go beyond!

And the goodies keep coming...

Beyond Limits Running is all about pushing beyond perceived limits, to dig deep and push just a little more when you think you have nothing left. To this end, the Beyond Limits Ultra Race, along with all other races being planned across the country by Beyond Limits Running, will give runners the option to go an additional quarter mile at the end of each race and earn a free Beyond Limits Running car decal. While your official time will stop at the end of the race, you'll have the option to dig deep for another quarter mile and earn a free sticker. After all, we're all about going Beyond!

Of course there's more...

We're pleased to announce that every runner in the Beyond Limits Ultra race will receive the attached "sublimated" technical Beyond Limits Running shirt. Sublimated shirts cost several times more than normal screen printed race shirts as the ink used during sublimation is absorbed by the fabric and becomes instantly permanent into the wickable poly-performance fibers. We're trying to go above and beyond in every aspect of this race - whether it's from free lodging for the 50 and 100 mile/24 hour ultra runners, having another amazing Master of Ceremonies), to providing you with the best running shirt money can buy. By the way, we're hoping you'll love the "Beli Blu" Beyond Limits Running shirt so much that you'll have interest in collecting all the other designs we'll be making available later this year. 

Here's what the past two year's shirts looked like!