All runners will run a 2 mile loop course on flat, groomed trails; meandering through one of Southern California's premier educational camps, complete with a canoe lake, sprawling horse pasture, private meadows, an archery range, a high ropes course and at night you'll even pass a traditional bonfire (think S'Mores).  While the entire course consists of packed trails, there is a 0.10 mile section of the course where you have the option of stepping two feet to the right and running on a smooth, private road.  If you show-up healthy and fit, there's a very strong chance you will PR on this courseBasically, you'll feel like a kid again running through this awesome camp!  The picture below is an aerial view of Pathfinder Ranch, showing only 30% of the total ranch.  What you don't see is the horse pasture and the private forest meadows. 

There will be one elaborate aide station right at the start/finish line, appropriately named "Steph's Kitchen".  You will pass it every 2 miles.  If there's one thing we learned in our own ultra adventures, it's the importance of having well stocked aide stations with a variety of food and drinks.  We experienced two poorly stocked ultra races earlier this year and it put a real damper on our overall race experience.  We promised ourselves that our races would never disappoint a hungry stomach!  We will have several hot food options during the night and we will go out of our way to accommodate special needs.  If there's something special a 50/100/200 miler wants, just email us in advance and we'll take care of you.

72 hour time limit for Badass 200 mile 

32 hour time limit for the 100 mile

24 hour time limit for 50 Mile and 50K

Races begin at 8:30AM.  

The picture above shows about 1.10 miles of the 2 mile course. The course follows the blue line. We wanted runners to see where the bunk cabins are in relation to the course. The cabins are just steps away.