High roller bling for all runners (even if you get a buckle), including a casino inspired buckle for all 100 mile finishers! All races will have Betting BIG inspired awards. While we love drinking out of glass mugs, which are sometimes awarded to podium finishers, we're not a huge fan of storing such an earned award in a kitchen cabinet. As such, the awards will be something you will want to proudly display for your friends and family to see.

And the goodies keep coming...

$10,000 USATF Championship Prize Pool

Although we are just a small ultra company producing just a couple races each year, we want to do our part to help recognize the amazing ultra elite athletes. In our opinion, elite ultra runners are even more special than the top NBA and NFL players. To this end, we are happy to offer a $10,000 prize pool for the third year in a row. The first place man and first place woman in the USATF 100 mile race will receive $2,500 each, while the second place man and woman in the USATF 100 mile race will receive $750 each. The third place man and woman in the USATF 100 mile race will receive $250 each. If a new 100 mile American road record is set in the USATF 100 Mile Race, the winning male and/or female winner will receive an additional $1,000 each. Win and set a new Jackpot USATF course record and score an additional $500. So if you win the race and set a new course & American record, you'll take home $4,000. The 2020 male and female champions each set course records and took home $3,000 each.

And the goodies keep coming...

We're pleased to announce that every runner in the Jackpot Ultra Running Festival will receive a "sublimated" technical Beyond Limits Running shirt. Sublimated shirts cost several times more than normal screen printed race shirts as the ink used during sublimation is absorbed by the fabric and becomes instantly permanent into the wickable poly-performance fibers. We're trying to go above and beyond in every aspect of this race. By the way, we're hoping you'll love the shirts so much that you'll have interest in collecting all the other designs we'll be making available this year. 

Here's a glimpse of what previous year's shirts looked like! 

Aid Station Volunteers
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