High roller bling for all runners (even if you get a buckle), including a casino inspired buckle for all 100 mile finishers! All races will have Betting BIG inspired awards for the top 3 male and female finishers, and the top male and female finishers in age specific categories for the 100 mile race. While we love drinking out of glass mugs, which are sometimes awarded to podium finishers, we're not a huge fan of storing such an earned award in a kitchen cabinet. As such, the awards will be something you will want to proudly display for your friends and family to see.

And the goodies keep coming...

$10,000 in Prize Money Now Available

To celebrate our 5th year anniversary of hosting the Jackpot Ultra Running Festival, we will be awarding up to $10,000 in prize money. The first place man and first place woman in the 100 mile race will receive $1,000, while the second place man and woman in the 100 mile race will receive $500.  Also, all men and women who win an ultra distance race AND set a new course record in any ultra distance race (50 mile race excluded) will receive their share of the prize pool.  If you win the 48 hour, 24 hour, or 100 mile race and set a new gender course record, you will take home $500 cash.  Win and set a new course record in the 12 hour or 6 hour race, you walk away with $250 cash.  Lastly, if the first place finisher in the 100 mile male and 100 mile female races sets a new 100 mile USA record, they will earn an additional $1,500 each. So if you happen to win the 100 mile race and set both a course record and a new national record, you could win up to $3,500.  Jackpot is very unique as it allows newbies, normal runners and elites to share a short, fast loop course.  So as not to leave out the majority of runners from the prize fun, we will raffle-off a free weekend stay at the gorgeous mountain-side Beyond Limits cabin in Big Bear, California.  Just register by Christmas and you will be included in the raffle.  Come hit the Jackpot in Sin City and experience the over-the-top fun that comes with running a Beyond Limits Running race.

And the goodies keep coming...

We're pleased to announce that every runner in the Jackpot Ultra Running Festival will receive a "sublimated" technical Beyond Limits Running shirt. Sublimated shirts cost several times more than normal screen printed race shirts as the ink used during sublimation is absorbed by the fabric and becomes instantly permanent into the wickable poly-performance fibers. We're trying to go above and beyond in every aspect of this race. By the way, we're hoping you'll love the shirts so much that you'll have interest in collecting all the other designs we'll be making available this year. 

Here's what the past two year's shirts looked like! 

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