Jackpot Race Logistics Bible

2022 Jackpot Ultra Running Festival Race Logistics Bible

February 18-21, 2022


This Race Logistics Bible provides important and detailed information on the 9th Annual Jackpot Ultra Running Festival. Please take time to read thoroughly as it will enhance your Jackpot experience. Even if you are a veteran Jackpot runner, please take time to read as there are numerous changes/additions this year as we continue to mitigate Covid-19 risks and keep everyone as safe as possible. With the new covid variant making daily headlines and with many of you having covid related questions, we’ll address the covid topics now and quickly move on to the enjoyable/fun pats of this document.

From the onset of the pandemic in spring 2020, until May of 2021, the State of Nevada required race companies like ours to prepare and submit an “Adult & Youth Sports COVID-19 Preparedness & Safety Plan” to the Department of Business & Industry. The 19-page plan we submitted for our April 2021 Jackpot, along with the 17-page plan we submitted for our November 2020 race, both received official approval from the State of Nevada. We were one of only a couple companies to receive consistent approval from the State. As of now (January 7), the State is not requiring us to submit a Covid Plan for Jackpot 2022. However, we are ready to immediately submit a plan if required and considering the State has approved all our plans in the past, we are confident our plan would receive approval.

We’re including the Covid section below, which was included in the 2021 Jackpot Bible, so you know what to expect IF (stressing IF) the State imposes strict rules like in the past. We have heard NOTHING to suggest we will have to revert to the strict rules of the past. However, we like to be totally upfront and transparent with our running family. By the way, while being race directors during early covid was beyond stressful and basically sucked, we did learn several techniques that were actually very good for the sport and we plan to continue, especially procedures around food handling and distribution at the aid station.

As most know, Stephanie, the co-founder of Beyond Limits Running and the Co-Race Director for Jackpot, received a kidney/pancreas transplant 10 years ago and is unfortunately in the final stages of kidney failure again and in need of a kidney. To say we take seriously the importance of keeping everyone healthy is an understatement. The slogan for our company is, “Live, Love & Run Like There’s No Tomorrow”. We’ve continued to live our lives this way and have not let Covid kill our desire to chase fun and happiness everyday of our lives. We’re just a bit more careful as we try and keep everyone healthy. By the way, we’ll have a Donate Life registration table at Jackpot for folks who want to learn more about organ donation. Lastly, we will soon launch a Facebook page talking about Stephanie’s story and information on becoming a potential donor. Once the site is live, we will humbly ask our running family to help Stephanie by sharing this page with your social media friends.

Covid-19 Risk Mitigation

  • (Only if required by the State) Masks do not have to be worn while running, or actively moving on the race course.  Masks do not have to be worn while eating or when you are with your known cohort of family members and friends.  When not engaged in any of these above activities, runners and guests will be required to wear a mask, buff, or face-covering. Basically, if you are going to be within 6 feet of someone outside of your known cohort, just cover-up your mouth.

  • (We will continue this new procedure from 2021) Hot foods (i.e., real meals) will be served during breakfast, lunch, dinner and late dinner. Each meal period will be one hour.  Food will be served to you on disposable plates and silverware by Jackpot staff or volunteers behind a serving counter. These 4 hot meals (the main meals) will be prepped away from the aid station, per Covid race protocol.

  • (We will continue this new procedure from 2021) Packaged foods, along with liquid based warm foods (soups, coffee, oatmeal, etc.) will be served from the main aid station 24/7 throughout the entire event. Aid station personnel will be the only folks allowed to fill water bottles, camelbacks, etc. (If required by the State).  Water jugs and aid station tables will be disinfected every few hours throughout the duration of the event.

  • (We will continue this new procedure from 2021) Disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer will be located at the entrance to all bathrooms and the aid station. Please don’t take the wipe canisters; we spent a small fortune acquiring 40 high-end wipe canisters! Bathrooms will be disinfected routinely throughout the festival by a Jackpot team member or volunteer.

  • (Only if required by the State) When arriving at Cornerstone Park, everyone will have their temperature checked and be required to confirm they are not sick, or experiencing any covid symptoms. In the unfortunate situation someone is deemed too symptomatic to enter the venue, a full refund will be offered as we will have to turn this person away. You will answer the questions shown in the banner below. Excuse the typo. My fault! You will also see several blue signs, like shown below, on the course reminding you to follow simply covid etiquette. These signs were mandated per our Covid Plan with the State of Nevada. By the way, the most unique question we had to answer was, “How will you keep runners from spitting”?  Ask Stephanie how many cuss words I spouted out while completed this plan. Ha!

Race Location

The race is at Cornerstone Park (1600 Wigwam Parkway, Henderson, NV89074) and packet pick-up will also be at Cornerstone Park.  Look for the big tents located by the pavilion (you can’t miss us). Cornerstone Park is located 9.5 miles from Las Vegas Airport.

Packet Pick-Up

Packet pick-up for all Saturday start races, which includes the 6/12/24/48-hour races, along with the 50-mile race and regular 100-mile race, will take place on Friday, Feb. 18th from 3:00 PM – 9:00 PM during the USATF Viewing Party and on Saturday, Feb. 19th from 6:30 AM – 7:30 AM.

  • If you are running the Friday start USATF 100-Mile Race, or the Friday start 72-hour, Packet pick-up will take place from 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM on Thursday, Feb. 17th at the race venue, as well as from 6:30 AM – 7:30 AM on Friday, Feb. 18th at the race venue.

Please note, we are extremely busy setting up Thursday morning/afternoon and have a very, very short window of time to set-up.  With that said, please understand we are not in a position to give course previews Thursday afternoon, or let folks pick-up bibs early.  Please let us hustle through our set-up and wait until at least 4:00 PM to show-up for packet pick-up.



There are nearly 900 parking spots at the Cornerstone Park with tons of spots located either course-side, or within 10-25 yards of the course.  In addition to the very large grass area designated for personal course-side aid stations, using your car as a personal rest/aid station is a great option. We’ve capped this year’s Festival at 400 runners, so there is plenty of parking.  Seriously, don’t spend a single moment worrying about parking, you will find plenty of “great” spots!


Camping, Personal Aid Station Rules and New Motorhome Parking Rules

NO OUTDOOR CAMPING IS ALLOWED THURSDAY NIGHT. The City of Henderson graciously disables the sprinklers throughout the entire Festival. With that said, the grass will be aggressively watered late Thursday night and not watered again until Monday morning. If you are in one of the 2 races that start on Friday, you will be allowed to park in the parking lot Thursday night and sleep in your car or RV. The park bathrooms are open 24/7. If you are racing on Saturday and have a RV, or will be sleeping in your car, feel free to show-up starting at Noon Friday. Please note there are no “real” showers, RV hook-ups, etc. While it goes without saying, don’t even think about “dumping” your RV at the park!

If you are in one of the 2 races starting Friday, you are allowed to set-up your own personal aid spot starting at 6:00 AM Friday. If you are starting a race on Saturday, you can set-up your personal spot starting at Noon on Friday.

There is a very large grass area along the course just past the one-mile marker available for personal rest/aid stations. Small pop-up shelters (10 x 10 or smaller) are allowed, as are small personal tents.  You are also allowed to set-up personal rest/aid zones along the course that passes right next to the parking lot.  Please note, the park strictly forbids tent spikes, so no spikes!  Sandbags, or several one-gallon jugs of water, make for great tent anchors. This rule is strictly enforced as we could have our permit permanently pulled if someone uses a spike and hits an irrigation line. 

By the way, there really is PLENTY of space along the course, so there’s no need to rush to find the perfect personal spot!  Seriously, stress about more important things like remembering to bring blister Band-Aids, chaffing cream, etc.

Motorhome Rules

You are welcome to bring and stay in a motorhome.  However, motorhomes are NO LONGER allowed to park in the very first row next to the course.  Motorhomes must park at least one row back from the course. This rule has been implemented for safety reasons. Runners routinely go to their cars during the race and having a bunch of motorhomes parked in the first row severely limits visibility as runners cross through the parking lot.  With that said, Motorhomes can park (even horizontally) in the second row, or anywhere else except the first row.  Thanks for understanding and helping us keep all runners safe.

Suggested Motorhome Rental

If you plan to rent a motorhome for Jackpot, we suggest El Monte RV. Their Nevada location is 13 miles from the park. We have rented our race official RV from them for the past 8 years. We’ve yet to have a negative experience and importantly, the pick-up process is quick. Pricing is very affordable as rental places make the bulk of their money on charging renters based on miles driven. Each year we put a whopping 28 miles on our rental and the average daily cost is about $110. CLICK HERE to visit El Monte’s website.

Suggested Lodging Near Cornerstone Park

Sunset Station Hotel & Casino 
2.5 Miles from Race Venue
1301 West Sunset Road
Henderson, NV 89014

Towneplace Suites by Marriott
1 Mile from Race Venue
1471 Paseo Verde Parkway
Henderson, NV 89012

Hilton Garden Inn Las Vegas
2 Miles from Race Venue
1340 West Warm springs Road
Henderson, LV 89014

Green Valley Ranch Casino Hotel
3.2 Miles from Race Venue
2300 Paseo Verde Parkway
Henderson, NV 89052

Warming/Rest Tent

We will have an enclosed tent set-up to serve as a quiet warming/rest area for 24/4872-hour runners, along with 100-mile runners, to use throughout Jackpot.  The tent will have a few camping chairs, a couple cots and a heater at night.  The tent is NOT meant to be a place for long-term napping/sleeping or chatting with friends.  It is strictly meant to be a short-term resting spot for those running through the night. We kindly ask no runner to spend more than a couple hours inside this tent. Those nighttime runners who need more than a brief rest should sleep in their cars, or personal tent.  Family, friends and crew are not allowed in this tent.  It’s strictly designated for runners to rest and warm-up in a SILENT environment.

Showers (NEW)

Every year lots of runners ask if there are showers at the course and every year, we sadly say no and suggest folks use the bathroom sinks to rinse their post-race stink off.  One of the few benefits of having to host the covid-delayed Jackpot 2021 during late April is we rolled-out every heat mitigation technique we’ve learned over the years, including erecting a course-side shower to use throughout the race. Don’t laugh, the legendary Camille Herron set the record for most showers during a race on her way to earning second place. We decided to buy an upgraded outdoor shower, along with a privacy tent to surround the shower. If you don’t mind cold water, you’re welcome to use this spectacular new “Four Seasons Quality Amenity” if you so desire. We’ll have soap and shampoo.

Race Start

The 72-hour race, along with the USATF 100-Mile Race, start at 8:00 AM Friday, Feb. 18th, while all other races start at 8:00 AM on Saturday, Feb. 19th. All runners should be race-ready at the starting line area by 7:40 AM at the latest for a pre-race talk and photo. Small favor. If you are in the 72-hour race, which starts Friday with the USATF 100-Mile Championship, please consider letting the elite speedsters line-up towards the front of the starting line. We’re blessed to have many of the country’s top ultra-runners competing again this year and if the weather Gods cooperate, we’re hopefully many new records will be set this year.

50 Mile, 100 mile and USATF 100 Mile Race Time Limits

The 50-mile race, along with the regular 100-mile race, which both start on Saturday at 8:00 AM, both have a 34-hour time limit.  The USATF 100-mile race, which starts on Friday at 8:00 AM, has a 39-hour time limit.

Fun, Fun and More Fun (this is Vegas after all)

  • Barring any last minute Covid restrictions, the famous Las Vegas Showgirls, will arrive at 6:45 AM on BOTH Friday and Saturday and be available for pictures until race time at 8:00 AM.  We will do pre-race announcements at 7:40 AM and group photo at 7:50 AM. Elvis will also be on hand during these times.
  • There will be live music next to the aid station on both Friday and Saturday from 10 AM – 2 PM.
  • Weather permitting; we will also have outdoor movies playing throughout the night on our large outdoor movie screen right across from the aid station.  Movies begin with a kid-friendly movie around 8 PM and continue until dawn with more adult comedic movies.  We love to have fun, so if you feel like breaking out the glow-in-the-dark body paint at night, or throwing on your favorite running costume, by all means, have at it!!

  • USATF 100-Mile Championship Viewing Party (NEW for 2022)
    • From 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM on Friday, Feb. 18th, we will be having our first ever USATF 100-Mile Championship Viewing Party. The party occurs smack-dab in the middle of packet pick-up for those running one of the 6 races that start on Saturday. The Fabulous Las Vegas Showgirls will be available for photos and Jonny Hazard will perform a live 2-hour musical set. Why the new party? Besides the fact we love to party and mingle with our running friends, we are committed to raising awareness for our sport and its top competitors. In our humble opinion, they are the toughest athletes in the world and deserve more exposure and recognition. The USATF race will be 8 hours deep when the party kicks-off at 4:00 PM. If the weather cooperates, we expect the top 3 men and women to finish in under 14-ish hours, with several having a shot at finishing mid to low 12-hours. We’re hoping to have as many folks as possible cheering on the USATF runners as they push hard to set records. We will be distributing a national press release making a very special announcement next week concerning this party. Stay tuned! Beyond excited to share the news with you all.

Small Horseshoe Loop Ultras

For those of you new to short horseshoe loop ultras, you are in for a treat.  While we certainly love running point-2-point ultras, short horseshoe loop ultras are very special in that you really get to know your fellow runners.  Personally, the reason we focus on directing short course ultras is that it gives us the chance to really get to know everyone and develop new friendships.  You will be sharing the little course with world record holders, top elites, newbies, old-timers, etc.  Ultra runners are the most welcoming runners you will ever encounter, so make sure you share a few laps with your fellow runners and get to know some new friends.  When people say you are crazy for running around a short course, they fail to realize you actually get to share miles with some of our sport’s most iconic runners!  Soak it in and have fun getting to know your fellow Jackpot runners.

Partial Laps for 6-Hour Runners & Records

Historically, we have allowed partial laps in all the fixed timed races. The logistics for gathering, measuring and inputting this data manual into the timing system has caused long delays in posting final results and distributing awards. Now that the regular course is just over 2-miles, we’ve decided to only have 1/2-mile partial laps in the 6-hour race, as it’s a very short timed race. However, if a runner in any of the fixed timed races is on pace to set an age group record, or national record, we will allow that runner to run a partial lap. They will be given a bean bag to carry on the partial lap and when the ending siren goes off, they will drop the bean bag on the course. A race official will follow this runner on an electric scooter during this partial lap and officially mark the ending spot. When time permits later in the festival, a race official will wheel-off the exact distance. If you are in one of the fixed timed races and believe you have a realistic shot at setting a new age group record, or national record, please send Ken an email at least a few days before the race. We will prepare a list for race officials and the timer to keep an eye on folks in this category and if they are indeed on pace to set a record, we will be ready to observe an exact partial lap.


Aid Station (aka, Stephanie’s Kitchen):

We take great pride in having a large variety of food available at our aid station. We are preparing Stephanie’s Kitchen as if the State of Nevada Covid rules and regulations will apply. While we are obviously hopeful and optimistic the State will not impose the same rules as last year, it is prudent for use to spend the extra money and effort assuming they will. Purchases are well underway for Stephanie’s Kitchen now and while we’d love to buy the massive bags of chips, cookies, etc., we are opting for single serving packages, single serving food serving vessels, trays, etc. Better safe than sorry. When you grab a zip lock baggie with 3 cookies in the bag, or a mini zip lock bag of pretzels, you’ll laugh knowing that Steph and I spent our date nights filling these bags. Actually, I’m attention deficit and generally quit after an hour. Steph has the mental focus and deserves all the credit for filling thousands of zip lock bags!

We will be serving full meals 4-times a day at the times specified below.  You will also see this year’s menu posted below (subject to changes based on availability). Please plan on consuming most of your calories during these 4 “meals of substance”. Outside of these 4 meal times, packaged foods, pre-packaged snacks, fruit, as well as liquid hot foods (ie, soup, hot chocolate, coffee, mashed potatoes, broth), will be served 24/7. Basically, we can’t cook food on demand this year at the aid station and need to prep the 4 large meals off to the side. Your aid station experience will be high quality as always and you probably won’t notice a difference. It’s more of a behind the scenes challenge and thank God for Stephanie’s patience!

Aid Station Water Rule

For safety reasons, aid station personnel will fill all water bottles, camelbacks, etc., and distribute all soda and other drinks.

Cafeteria Meal Schedule and Tentative Menu

Feb. 18 (Friday)

Lunch:  11:30AM – 12:30PM

Chicken and Vegan Breaded Chicken Sandwiches, Rice

Dinner:  5:30PM – 6:30PM

Pasta and meatballs in Marinara, Vegan Wheat Pasta with Veggies and Creamy Red Sauce, Salad, Bread

Late Dinner:  11PM – Midnight

Chili with Meat and Cheese, Grilled Cheese

Feb. 19 (Saturday)

Breakfast:  6:30AM – 7:30AM

Pancakes, Scrambled eggs, Bacon, Coffee And OJ, Oatmeal, Fruit

Lunch:  11:30AM – 12:30PM
Sub Sandwiches (Turkey, Ham, Roast-beef, Veggie), Mashed potatoes

Dinner:  5:30PM – 6:30PM
Burgers, Hot Dogs, Vegan and Vegetarian Burgers and fixings (Tomato, Pickles) Baked Beans, Potato Salad

Late Dinner: 11PM – Midnight

Pizza, Ravioli

Feb. 20 (Sunday)

Breakfast:  6:30AM – 7:30AM

French Toast Sticks, Scrambled eggs, Bacon, Coffee And OJ, Oatmeal, Fruit

Lunch:  11:30 AM – 12:30PM

Chicken and Vegan Breaded Chicken Sandwiches, Rice

Dinner:  5:30PM – 6:30PM

Chicken Alfredo Pasta and Veggies, Vegan Wheat Pasta with Zucchini and Tomatoes, Salad, Bread

Late Dinner:  11PM – Midnight

Chili with Meat and Cheese, Grilled Cheese

Feb 21 (Monday)

Breakfast:  6:00AM – 7:00AM

Breakfast Burritos filled with egg, bacon or sausage and Potato, or Egg, Potato and Cheese, Coffee And OJ, Oatmeal, Fruit

If you have special dietary needs, please plan accordingly by bringing your own special nutrition.  Importantly, if you need/want to purchase some of your own food/snacks, there is a 24-hour Winco grocery store located across the street from the venue (1/2 mile from the starting line).


We will soon announce what electrolyte beverages will be served. We will also have an extensive array of soda, water and coffee.  Speaking of water, to cut down on extreme cup waste, runners should carry a personal water bottle, or personal hydration system for drinking water.  As a reminder, runners will not fill their own water bottles at the main aid station. A Jackpot team member or volunteer will fill all bottles while wearing gloves.



Pacing is allowed from sunset to sunrise beginning on day one of your race and allowed thereafter.  No more than one pacer may run at any given time with a runner and pacing by bike, scooter, etc. is NOT allowed. Exceptions are made for certain circumstances and must be approved by Ken, Stephanie, or Lee (Co-Race Directors). For example, there may be times we grant a pacer if we feel a runner needs a pacer for health/safety reasons.  Please Note:  If you are in the USATF division of the 100-mile race, you are not allowed to have a pacer at ANY time per USATF rules.


Race Dropping

We no longer allow mid-race dropping.  This is not because we are cruel. With 8 races simultaneously taking place, including the USATF 100 Mile Road Championship, moving runners around in the timing system once the starting horn goes off can cause system issues.  You can email Ken up until Monday, February 7th at Midnight if you want to change the race you are currently registered for.  Something to consider.  Ultras are hard and you will inevitably encounter a couple dark periods where you will be tempted to quit the race.  Rather than quit, find another runner to help you through your dark periods. Take advantage of your couple hundred “teammates” on the course.

Award Ceremony

We will have a small USATF 100-Mile Award Distribution Ceremony at 10:00 AM on Saturday for USATF runners. Podium awards for all other races will be distributed as runners finish.

NEW & IMPROVED Regular Course (Regular 100-mile, 50M, 6/12/24/48/72-hour races)

We are VERY excited to announce the regular 2.5-mile Jackpot Ultra course, which every race runs on except the USATF 100-Miler, has been dramatically improved. The new course is now 2.1277 miles. It’s actually the course we first designed when Cornerstone Park was being built over 10 years ago. 

We were the first group to use the park after it opened and had designed the course to cross 3 bridges. A week before the inaugural Jackpot Ultra, we saw that one of the bridges was completely under water. The engineers had obviously made a mistake which they discovered when initially filling the lake. We frantically worked under the cover of darkness for several nights to hand cut the single-track dirt trails along the river (just in time for the 1st Jackpot). So, if you’ve ever wondered where those sketchy dirt trails came from, now you know!

After our Happy Hippie Harvest Run this past November, we visited Cornerstone Park and discovered that after 10 years, the City of Henderson decided to rebuild the underwater bridge. With this bridge now in place, which is low to the water and absolutely beautiful, there is no longer a need to run on the deteriorating dirt single track sections of the course. In reality, with this new bridge, no one is running on the single-track trail next to the river and the trail is now over-grown and essentially gone. The entire course is now run-on wide asphalt/concrete paths and wide groomed gravel paths. In our opinion, the course will be dramatically faster, as well as safer. If you have dreams of PR-ing this year, you now have a much greater chance, so keep training hard!

The only other significant change is we no longer run on the inner edge of the grass where many runners set up tents and personal aid stations. Instead, we now run up and down the sidewalk right next to the grass area. Not to worry, there is still plenty of room for tents and personal aid stations.

We hired Paul Frtiz, a top-rated civil engineer with an extensive course certification resume, to certify this new and improved course. Paul certified our courses in the past and is a rock star. Because math becomes incredibly difficult after running a zillion miles, we will have a large banner listing increasing mileage total per lap. For example, if you just completed your 28th lap, you can simply glance at the banner, while still running, and see that you’ve run 59.57 miles. Deep in a race, runners tend to get hypnotized staring at the timing monitor for minutes on end and to help avoid this hypnosis, this mileage banner is being created.

I would suggest wearing running gaiters around your shoes.  It always sucks to get even a small pebble in your shoe.  You’ll find lots of fun styles at DirtyGirlGaiters.com, or elsewhere on the Internet. Below is a birds-eye view of the course.

USATF 100-Mile Division Race Course (same as 2021)

The USATF 100-mile race will be run on a 1.17-mile USATF certified loop course.  It is VERY different than the normal 2.1277-mile course.  It is a quick loop around the lake and does not incorporate the varying terrain of the regular Jackpot course.  It is run on 95% asphalt and/or concrete surfaces with just 5% crushed gravel paths.  The course is specifically designed to give USATF members a chance to set records, achieve optimal results, etc.  This course, which does share many paths with the regular Jackpot course, is ONLY being used for the USATF 100-Mile race.  By the way, all runners in the USATF race are required to be USATF members.  If you are not yet a member, please visit USATF.org to become one (membership costs $40). CLICK HERE to become a member.

Course Lighting

The courses are extremely well lite at night and with the elimination of the dark single-track section from the regular course, some folks may opt to run without a headlamp. Both courses share an unlit 300-yard section of the courses which will be illuminated with 8 powerful solar lights. Bring a headlamp and extra batteries. You can decide at night if you want/need the headlamp.

Course Cutting

Unfortunately, course cutting has occurred in many ultra races and it has affected the outcome of some podium finishes.  In fact, Jackpot fell victim to course cutting several years ago.  With that said, we have zero tolerance for course cutting.  If you are caught, you will immediately be disqualified and asked to leave the venue.  To protect the integrity of our race, we have incurred significant expense through the deployment of a timing systems that include extensive photo capture, along with course-side cameras.  Seriously, if you are the type of person who considers course cutting, please don’t come to Jackpot – you are not welcome and will be caught!

RFID Timing

Elemental Race Timing has been hired to time the entire festival with Jimmy Gabany leading the effort.  Elemental will be using the highly proven RM Timing System.  Results will be streamed online and will automatically update every 15 minutes. A few days before the race, once we have uploaded all runners to the system, we will send a streaming results weblink which you can share with family and friends.


There are 2 different bathroom spots on the course. About 20 yards from the aid station there are park restrooms.  Each has several stalls and a number of sinks.  In addition to these “nice” bathrooms, we will also have porta-potties stationed course-side at the ¼-mile mark. We have requested approval from the City to allow the delivery truck to access the back-half of the course to add a third bathroom location. Hopefully, we’ll receive approval.


Only God knows!  Mid-February is the optimum time to host an endurance run in Southern Nevada with generally mild conditions. If we are lucky, it will be overcast and in the low 60’s. However, it could very well be sunny and in the mid-80’s, or very cold with snow flurries (we actually had snow one year). With that said, please check the local weather carefully before you leave home and pack accordingly (zip code for the venue is 89074). Also, there is no shade on this course, so BRING sunscreen. We will have tons of ice, popsicles, frozen grapes, etc. to help keep you cool if it’s hot. We have extensive experiencing helping runners keep their core temps in check.

First Aid

We do keep a nicely stocked First Aid kit at the aid station.  However, we are by no means a CVS or Walgreens and the kit is designed for emergencies.  We highly suggest every runner bring a small box of blister Band-Aids, chaffing ointment/lube, etc.  Best to just toss these items into your runner bag and hope you don’t need them.  Heck, I strongly suggest bringing your favorite diaper ointment.  Don’t laugh, we’ve seen the most masculine of guys breakdown in tears due to extreme chaffing where the sun doesn’t shine!! 


Like for all our ultra races, Stephanie has designed a really cool shirt for this year’s race.  These are not cheap screen-printed shirts; they are high-end sublimated tech shirts.  We’ve again gone with a slightly softer fabric this year, which you will love!  If we have leftovers, they will be available for sale throughout the race for $35.  We will also be selling shirts from our previous races for a steep discount ($20 each, or 2 for $30), so bring a few bucks if you’d like to buy some creatively designed running shirts.


We very much need and welcome all the volunteer help we can get, especially since the event goes non-stop for 72 hours! Plus, our workload is much higher with covid protocols. It’s a super fun race and folks really enjoy volunteering!  If you have family or friends coming to the race who might want to kill 4 hours by volunteering for a shift, please ask them to volunteer. CLICK HERE to sign-up online for a shift.  We do offer $25 of race credit per 4-hour day shift and $40 of race credit per 4-hour late night shifts. Yep, $160 of race credit if a person signs-up for the 2:00 AM – 6:00 AM shift! By the way, if a runner’s spouse, friend, etc. volunteers this year and they are not runners, they can give the credit to you and you can use it for next year’s Jackpot, our Beyond Limits Ultra, or our Happy Hippie Harvest Run.


Several of you have inquired about bringing dogs to the race.  Technically, since it is a public park, dogs are permit in the park.  With that said, we very, very much prefer folks not bring their dogs onto the course. With 400 runners, it can be dangerous.  The park is huge and there’s plenty of off-course spots for your family and crew to hang-out with your “leashed dog”. If you do want to do a lap with your dog, PLEASE trot with your dog well off to the side of the running path so as to not even come close to impeding a runner. Several runners are attempting to set records.



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